Tuesday, May 04, 2004

11 - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: book order, and going through DDC22 again--591s, God help me.

* Internet signup (rural patron)
* Internet signup
* Bird books
* How to print from the 'net (the same rural patron); and [naturally] the print has no paper left
* staff member: can we ILL for patrons with cards from other libraries? [no-never could]
* Out-of-state person signs up for internet and I spend 10 minutes trying to get his card to work. Eventually I just make up a number for him to use and shrug [meanwhile the phones ring off the hook]
* Librarian J tries to figure out what version of Windows the word procs are using [and tells me I have a message--duh]
* How to find an obit from about 4 years ago; and where are the more recent old newspapers?
* I talk to Librarian A about ILLing for other libraries' patrons; he and I are on the same page.
* Why won't Word let me print envelopes? The print button is grayed out. [no clue--move to another PC]
* [phone message] Patron received call re mag. article she never received. [huh?] I call her back and eventually end up apologizing for not letting her know that it wasn't going to get here [she requested it in November--d'oh]
* Patron wants to reserve book; he has no card with us, but circ "said we could do it." I try to explain but end up sending him back to circ for a clearer explanation
* Phone book for downstate town

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