Wednesday, May 12, 2004

9 - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: checking orders for "not in FirstSearch" cards. And Dewey. What else?

[Our street is being dug up to fix someone's--not our--sewer problem, so maybe it will be quiet today?]
[The School District Art Show went up Monday, so we have lots of lovely (and some unlovely) student talent on display]
[Did I mention the seam on the desk hsa been sort of fixed?]
[Can you tell I don't want to work today???]

* Word proc
* Library K leaves me a note that guy using PC was problematic last night; sure enough, he asks why his disk won't work here, but works at other libraries. I apologize, tell him I don't know why it's acting weird and tell him I'll ask our Computer Tech on Friday when he returns. He goes away. [whew]
* Mr. Ick got a haircut and a new hat.
[Today's newspapers all have the same horrible picture on the front page]
* No paper in printer. Even with paper, the print job doesn't work. She retries, then disappears [guess it worked?]
* Stapler
* Civil War encyclopedia for ESL tutor
* Patron finds paperback on table and returns it to me [?]
[yep, you guessed it: family call. But at least I got some help with an Excel thing I'm using to keep track of the messed up Dewey numbers...]
* Kleenex
* Pencil
[cell phone] twice--same one
--half an hour between questions--weird
* Phone numbers for classifieds dept. at City of R newspapers [can't find bloody R phone book....]
* Consumer Reports on lawn tractors (for me)
* Books on travel to England (also for me)
* ESL tutor returns; too much info for this 8th grader to consolidate into his 8-page school packet, due Friday. [I suggest World Book. And several breaks to clear his brain. Poor kid]
* Phil Spector walks in. No wait, he just looks like Phil Spector.
* I roust five or six easier-to-understand Civil War books from the kids' room and give them to the struggling pair
* Lawn mower repair [we have next to nothing, so I find a couple to order; there aren't very many repair books out there!]
* Honest patron finds money and a check in the photocopier [I call person on the check and put in money drawer at circ]
[my chiropractor calls]
* Financial aid for college

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