Monday, January 30, 2012

1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: working on the end-of-month lists for cleanup, specifically

  • [and, right outta the gate I get a crazy...Barack Obama is using all his ideas, it's all Bush's fault that no one wants to help the federal government...all this because he couldn't find the internet icon on the public computer he was using and he brought his 2010 tax return to look up his 2011 return on the IRS site...omg omg omg]
  • More 1040 instructions? [yep--I get several copies out since there are none out]
  • Pay for printing [and once again, SAM is being stupid]
  • Ethernet cable
  • "What means this word?" [one of our regulars--in fact the guy who called 911 yesterday--can't understand Mitt Romney on YouTube: "epithets"; Iwalk away and he proceeds to giggle and talk to his screen fairly quietly]
  • "Santa Biblia," as opposed to the Spanish Bible she got here yesterday which is...different and doesn't SAY that [we swap] ; also, guitar tab for Sur 16's "Tren de paso" [eventually found and printed]
  • How to download ebooks to a Nook [really wish I could figure this out so I didn't have to admit that I can't do it myself]
  • [Dude looking at our job app folder...I notice that our little squeezy that I brought back from ALA has already disappeared...I hate people]
  • 127 Hours [checked out; I reserve it]
  • [Idiot-Man from yesterday arrives, the guy the cops came about yesterday, and I am SO outta here!]

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