Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: checking the recently-released  ALA awards lists against our catalog.

6:00 [in the children's room]
  • Pay for printing
  • Books on origami [same kid, and yes we have 'em]
  • [I search the toys area for the rest of the stacking shapes toy and find 2 more piece, plus a piece of something else, but not the wooden dowel the shapes go on--WTF?--and also find that the Lego table is GRODEEE]
  • How to play a game (on the children's games computesr [I end up having to restart that computer after I find him one that actually works]
  • Spanish storytime starts...
  • Books for a girl who doesn't like to read "cuz she's lazy" says her mom [sigh, that's helpful]
  • The first Warriors book [checked out, so I reserve it for her]
  • [phone] IT guy calls and I don't recognize his voice and make a fool of myself, then transfer the call to the boss]
  • [at 6:45 I have to go cover the adult desk while Librarian K gets suited up for an appearance at The Unveiling--don't.ask.]
  • [phone] First Things First [on the shelf, so I put it on the hold shelf for him]
  • "What does 'Crimson & Clover' mean?" [guy who called the cops: long long conversation with him]
  • The Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern [here, we find it] ; Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery [we don't own, but I put a reserve on a copy for him] ; 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die [also only available at other libraries, ya big socially-compromised geek]
  • Scratch paper, and a bad joke that makes him LAAAAUUUGGH...
  • [the giant rodent appears]
  • How to print [we walk through it] ; public fax? [nope, $1/page]
  • The geek returns looking for Roger Ebert's Movie Home Companion [our copy is in processing so it's off-limits, and he wanders away]
  • Atlas? [yup a whole stand of them over there]
  • A child's scream...wth?
  • [YAY!! back to the children's room where the screaming is happening]
  • Look up password for one for the dads
  • [This sad little boy is just DONE--ready to sleep and sad and just so cry-ey, but his mom is not exactly moving him out the door in a big hurry]
  • [DVDs are a mess, toy area is a mess, but there are about half as many people here now, thank God]
  • Bone [find 'em--we have too many YA graphic novels]
  • [Chat with a friend and her granddaughter who stopped by for The Unveiling]
  • Scary stories [thank God for Mom: stories, like ghost stories around the campfire, not whole books that are scary--got 'em]
  • [capping my stay in here, the giant rodent head returns...I'm so outta here]

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