Saturday, January 07, 2012

9:00 - 10:00 a.m. ; 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: checking the catalog against authority updates lists

9:00 [in the children's room]
  • Miss Mary Mack [yep, found on the shelf too] (this question at 9:46)
  • [Librarian T freaking out because page is only scheduled at 10...but she's on the schedule the rest of the day too...relax!]
  • [phone] In the Land of Invisible Women [on the shelf, now on the holdshelf waiting for her]
  • Books on Hermes for a report [mythology books to the rescue]
  • [phone] How to download books to her Kindle [I talk her down from the edge]
  • [The phones are dial-tone-free, though we can use them to call out if we dial 9+the number. I don't see what the big disaster is, but Librarian J is whizzing around like a hummingbird about it, calling the phone company and the Director]
  • Copy machine? [right around the corner--I show them, the Hermes people]
  • [phone] Director starts blathering on about Spanish storytimes [I cut her off and say that I've got people waiting and calls to return]
  • Help with copier [same people]
  • [I call Librarian M to find out how to reset the phones, then go do it, which restores the dial tone--though I have to call her back to tell her it worked since resetting the phones means, yeah, shutting them off]
  • Guest pass for the internet
  • [phone] Virg in the kids' room asks if I know of a kids' book called Death by Pizza [no, but it sounds so familiar--there oughta be one, but can't find anything kid-like]
  • Look up internet pass number [different guy, with two last names, under the 'wrong' name, of course]
  • "Can I bring in my laptop and use it, and Wi-Fi?" [sure]
  • CDs for learning English [right here--we just shifted all the Spanish things--and no I can't check out, do that up front]
  • [phone] Just 10 Lbs. [we don't own, so he's calling his home library to ILL it]
  • [holy CATS--what an hour! I finally call the Director back but there really wasn't anything about Spanish storytimes, she was just checking on the phones. Yeah.]
  • [I order some stuff from BT that's been hanging fire for a month or so and download the files ready for updating the database, etc.]   
  • The "Praha's" Cemetery [ok, with a little translation we find it on the shelf]
  • Compatibility view (Firefox to IE) not working so patron can't finish ordering stuff for work [the computer next to his is fine, so he moves over and does his thing there--I hope] [later: it worked]
  • [phone] Notary [nope]
  • Power cord for laptop [nope, no dice]
  • Books on Java and C+ [Java we got, C+ checked out so I reserve what we have]
  • Laptop power cord dude comes and tells me he swiped the power cord from the printer laptop [I'm cracking up]
  • [...and why does everyone sound Scottish today??]
  • "Where do things print?" [I walk him thru the process]
  • "Are these the only computers?" [holy shit, we're full up! But someone finishes just as I'm starting the waiting list spiel : YAY]
  • [phone] "Who is the author of The Children of Men?" [well, that's easy: one of the few books by her I'm not at all interested in reading...]


  1. And this is why the thought of working the desk makes me shudder.GAK!

    On a related note: we have 4 notaries on staff. One of them is scheduled something like 95% of the time.

    Also: your director called a staffed public desk, to see if the phones worked? Someone really needs to punch her in the eye. Just to make sure their arms are working. And it could be a volunteer, not even a regular staff member. 'Cause God forbid you not be fully staffed at any one time. (T might freak!) *sigh*

  2. 'Twas a truly horrendous day....start to finish


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