Tuesday, January 03, 2012

6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: looks like Librarian J didn't get all the patron requests finished this afternoon so I'll be doing those, and deleting old email (under 1500 now, w00t!).
  • How to scroll in Yahoo!Mail [sigh]
  • Pay for printing
  • [check shelves for two items supposedly here--find one and put it on holdshelf for patron]
  • [I discover we have no Kleenex at the desk, just about the time my sinuses decide to explode]
  • Computer classes [I walk through our calendar on the website; registration starts next Monday]
  • Pay for printing
  • Any books on the Chilean mine disaster? [she has what we have--cute girl]
  • Pencil, and paper
  • Fax, including backs, so I have to go make copies [turns out she's the daughter-in-law of some new friends of mine]
  • Fax
  • Patron looking at local job ads; also wants info on scholarships for aviation schools for her son
  • "How does your Wi-Fi work here?" [I 'splain to him]
  • [Chatty patron from the distant past comes in and kills about 15 of my minutes...]
  • "Nobody here!" [just the nice people, lol]
  • "It was in your catalog when I checked it last night--but I can't find it when I search here!" [that's because there's a difference between "hearth" and "earth" dodo-brain!]
  • Marketing and starting a small business [I've learned from long experience that this sort of question usually brings out the life-story...and it does again this time]
  • [I do the rounds of the basement]
  • ...and everyone's out before 9 for a change

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