Sunday, January 29, 2012

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: ha ha ha, it's a Sunday--there is really no "in between." I am one of two librarians at the desk; we are both equally busy.

  • [email] 8 reserves from a patron (board member) for new books and DVDs [take down the info and let him know I'm ordering them for him]
  • [phone] "Do you have Excel 2010 on your computers?" [I check--nope: 2007]
  • Copier isn't working [I push the paper drawer all the way in]
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 [reserved]; second Matrix movie [on shelf (oops, no it's not, so I reserve it too)]; Do we use Netflix? Why? How does that work? [I explain]
  • "Can I use this catalog computer?" [no, since the Black Screen of Death is saying it needs a battery or something...I turn it off and put an Out Of Order sign on it]
  • [finally, 25 minutes after opening all the internet stations are full--shocking that it took so long!]
  • [I show person how to reserve an internet station]
  • [phone] Black sands [find it, hold it for her]
  • [a patron calls the police on another patron who's in my face about reserving computers....20 minutes later we're back to normal, more or less]
  • The seventh star of the Confederacy [oh, yeah, we'll be ordering that from out of state, I suspect]
  • White-out [by golly we have some]
  • "Can I donate an ebook to you?" [dunno, call & ask our techie people tomorrow]
  • Currency trading [nada here :-(] Except, yeah, he DID find something, called Binary Trading which works for him...
  • 1099 forms [gotta call the IRS for those]
  • Upcoming {local festival} schedule [make a couple copies for her and for the ref desk]
  • The military during the French Revolution [wow, ok, found stuff]
  • Frackin' ebooks....
  • How to print
  • Sex offenders site--lots of looking at some familiar faces [I stalk this site semi-regularly]
  • Switch [got it] ; "Who was Samuel Johnson?" [wikipedia to the rescue]
  • Current People [kept behind the desk]
  • [closing announcement]
  • Cake decorating


  1. That sounds like a busy eight-hour day! And after the start to the day that you had Police intervention is a rarity for me.

    What sort of cake decorating books do y'all keep on hand? (I suppose I should look in the catalog, but it's so much easier to have you just tell me. ;) We have a problem in this area; I lean toward only providing the basics, but coworker T especially wants to get everything and anything, especially now that those idiots have their own shows. Most people can't do those things, though, so the books are the cake equivalent of "self-surgery for dummies." Not that I'm opinionated about it or anything....

  2. This patron wanted basic--thank you, Better Homes & Gardens--and we have a LOT of not-so-basic, mostly for kids' parties, but also weddings and "other." And we are currently buying a LOT of Food-Porn-Stars' publications, which generally annoy me, but not enough to make noise about it.

    Today was ... long. After I got home, I went grocery shopping. And made dinner. The hub's back was in hell again.


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