Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Wednesday

What I'm doing between questions: checking old items on order, and adding notes to award-winning books. Cleaning up typos...also looking through the other cleanup projects, as usual

  • First person in: how to get on the wifi [I know what HE got for Christmas!]
  • ...then about 5 homeless guys
  • ....then our maintenance guy is dragged out here to see if he can fix the keyboard tray at the second ref computer, and I check online to see if we can't just BUY NEW ONES (these are 12 years old)
  • Mr Ick needs paper and a pen, also wishes me Happy New Year ("even though [he's] not supposed to talk to [staff]"--according to the letter he got last week) [and Librarian T follows close behind him to tell me that he had another run-in with staff on Saturday, so he's probably out of here for another few months--second banishment in the past 5 months for him]
  • [phone] Nope, no tax forms yet...
  • Paper
  • Interim Director comes down with the latest Demand order slips, and says she's not well, kinda nauseous ["are you pregnant?" I joke...]
  • [phone] Help with downloading ebooks... [they decide to come in later and get some hands-on help]
  • Paper & pencil
  • [phone] I.D. checking to making sure phones are working...uh, yeah?

  • Maintenance guy arrives to fix the keyboard tray...sigh
  • Fax
  • Head of Circ here to ask why we aren't charging anything for our way overdue copy of "Elf" [primarily because the data entry person didn't put in a price on the record, so I do that and she's happy]
  • And the keyboard trays are solid again, and as clean as they can be, but still hideously ugly
  • Paper &pencil
  • I.D. just emailed that she's going home sick: Turducken must not agree with her
  • "This is a strange call number; I don't know where to look" [006.7--yes libraries are weird: we start counting at 0]
  • And he needs the catalog and a pencil
  • [phone from circ] Anyone find a red MP3 player back there? [nope, sorry]
  • [phone] "Heat" on DVD, the one with De Niro [we don't own, but I place a hold for it to be sent here]
  • K it's 11:10 and no one is here to relieve me....ah, because I.D. was supposed to and no one looked at the schedule...Librarian C and I sort it out....and I get another hour this afternoon....whee (not)

  • Kelley Blue Book [we no longer carry it, but I get him the Red Book and tell him that Kelley is now online]
  • There is a LDS missionary gang here--no kidding there are about 6 of them--and at one point I have to shake my head and say "BOYS!" lol
  • Pay to print x 2
  • The people needing help downloading this morning are here, and since they're only downloading ebooks to a laptop, it's all good and easy (if time-consuming)
  • Fax
  • Catalog
  • No Easy Day [checked out and on holds list, so nevermind sez he] and The Lost Boy [here!! what a shock--those are never on the shelf!]
  • Found earring? [nope, and there's a note about it in the workroom, so we're all aware of who lost it if it should turn up--they never do...]
  • Today's local paper ... x2 [how freaky that they show up within 2 minutes of each other]
  • Pretty Little Liars Season 2 [nope, not here, so I do a request for order]
  • Computer not opening his external device [doesn't work on this computer either, and eventually he admits that it's not the cable that came with it, so it's probably something there]\
  • Complicated fax

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