Thursday, December 06, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: award lists. I'm down to the last 4: Book Critics Circle Award, Pen/Faulkner Award, Pulitzers, and Man Booker Prize. Of course, a couple of those are also the most convoluted. I'm still trying to figure out how to easily make a list of the Hugos....

1:00 in the kids' room
  • Who wrote Half-a-Moon Inn? [got it]
  • From the fish tank: "That fish looks like Tebow! Yeah, Tebow!" Grandma says "Tebow? Or Nemo?" "TEBOW! See he's orange and white. Tebow."  [I am totally cracking up]
  • Chat with one of my son's 3rd grade teachers, and a current friend of mine, who is now retired and tutoring
  • Kid at the computer nearest me has been playing a game the whole hour, without headphones on. I've enjoyed listening to him talking to and generally interacting with the game [quietly, but intense]

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