Monday, December 03, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

  • [phone] Hildebrand's Unbroken [two copies on the shelf, so I put one on hold]
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Pay to print 
  • Complicated question--intro'd as a "dumb question"--involving the siphon effect and its limitations
  • Fax
  • Last week Sunday's NYTimes Style section [we forgot to get this week's out, apparently...]
  • Value Line update (for the siphon guy) [I check the mail and find it for him--he's confused because one is updated...ah, because this is Monday and the other one came Saturday...the physics stuff has melted his brain]
  • Help with logging on to (I remember from last year) write the annual Christmas letter [the question is : WHY do I remember this from last year??]
  • Help getting online for the first time in eons.....
  • Pay to print

  • Fax
  • Twilight movies
  • Pay to print
  • Jean Shepherd books
  • Fax
  • Help with printing
  • Pay to print
  • discussion with admin asst. re auto-comp time (something new)
  • Pay to print
  • Reserve some new books for a guy, including ordering the new Clancy book for him, and an ILL for an old CS&N disc
  • Forgot password
  • "Is the typing program off all the computers it used to be on?" [not that I'm aware of...shoot]

3:00 in the children's room
  • No headphones on my computer [find another one to use, we don't have extras anymore)
  • Child in play area commences full meltdown, screaming, throwing things, shrieking...ack
  • Bathroom key
  • Junie B. Jones books...

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