Friday, December 28, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: let's put it this way: I forgot I had a headache it was so busy!

  • The first 4 questions are "how to download ebooks/eaudio" to new (Chrismas present) devices [I sure sound like I know what I'm talking about now]
  • Day pass for internet
  • I call back a woman who left us a message about 2 hours ago for reserves, and get those sorted
  • [phone] "What's the book club reading this month?" [uh...I go find the books and let her know]
  • FIRST time I haven't had people at the desk or on the phone: 3:35
  • Look up card # for internet
  • Books on Richard Feynman [our copy of Surely You're Joking... is gone. Boo! But I find the guy something else and put a hold on another copy of that one for him]
  • The woman whose number I looked up fubar'd the computer she was on, and left her banana (and a stack of "Cash for Gold" cards ??)
  • [phone] What's a [system name] Computer Catalog PIN?" for downloading Kindle books [yup, we should probably explain that on the brochure]
  • Final Journey not on the shelf where it belongs [er, yes, it was..."Dad, we were looking in the wrong place, I]

  • [phone] Local free magazine doing an article on arranging home libraries [I'm being interviewed, I guess--luck of the draw]
  • Help with printing
  • Game of Thrones on DVD and books 1 and 3 in the series [all are checked out so I place holds]; also, Pillars of the Earth DVD [that is here!]
  • Number-looked-up woman is back....and again she borks the computer when she leaves [sigh]; but she does remember her banana and cards this time [lol]
  • Two interior decorating books requested earlier are now on hold outside our system--yes, it's taken me 90 minutes to do this!!
  • [phone] New Dr. Phil book [ only being sold via his son's website, so we're stymied, but I take her name and we'll try to get it]
  • In a quiet moment, I refill the printers with paper
  • ...which apparently made EVERYONE leave me alone...

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