Thursday, December 13, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: back to those subject lists (I'm basically caught up with cataloging, so this is my life now).

11:00 in the children's room
  • Not a soul in here when I start--lovely, quiet, clean...sigh
  • But at 11:06 a grandpa (presumably) and his grandson come in
  • Storm Runner and something by Rick Riordan about Egypt? [got 'em both, the latter being The Red Pyramid]
  • Definitely Grandpa Day in the children's room: two more came in with their kidlets...
  • Cleaning guy wants to know how long after the program the dog will be here Saturday...I wouldn't count on it being very long....
  • Time for lunch!!

1:00 in the children's room
  • Ooooh, there are 3 people in here on the computers when I arrive: a wild crew (NOT)
  • ...and it never got busier, and no one needed me...

  • Two very needy little girls and their also very needy mom are making me absolutely crazy; and no, if our IT guy can't fix Mom's new tiny laptop, neither can I
  • Red Ink... we don't own, but if we did, it would be in 336.73 so he goes to hang out there
  • Now the girls are drawing, and sharpening the golf pencils every 2.43 minutes; did I mention they aren't wearing shoes? And they're loud. OK, the one is only about 4, but holy shit they're annoying, also cute. Dad just arrived so maybe he can keep them in line....
  • Guest internet pass for a kid
  • Look up card number
  • Dude with pink hair has a new look: Eastern European army had and long brown trenchcoat (at least the had covers the pink that is still streaking his hair...)
  • Look up phone number for someone in Big City nearby [can't narrow it down for sure by name]; well, there's an email address [so I get him set up to create his own email addy so he can email her]

  • Guest pass kid ran his time out and can't get back in--I tell him to come get me before it runs out next time and reset it
  • Patron left about 6 requests here, all with publishers in the author line. One is a journal article, which (luckily) we actually have access to (I found it by googling the title and author when I couldn't find it in Amazon) [Printed it for her, then called]
  • Staff: how to find reviews in TitleSource (Baker&Taylor)? [middle of the page for the item...]
  • Mom of twerpy kids wondering about a box that popped up [it's just letting her know her time will be extended]
  • Pay to print [discussion of how much color ink costs]
  • Mom of twerpy kids brings back ethernet cable
  • I check in as the new-email dude leaves to be sure he knows how to get on the next time he comes in--he's getting a library card on his way out so we're set
  • Pay to print--but when she prints it doesn't work--"could it be because I didn't have to log in to use the internet?" [uh, yeah--so I go reboot that computer and she decides to wait till later to get online and try again]\
  • "Is that printer where everything goes?" [yup]

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