Monday, December 17, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

  • First thing at the desk, someone's cell phone rings, he answers and it's either got the volume up all the way or it's on speaker--and THEN he tells the guy he's "got it shut on" [fortunately, the conversation, loud as it is, only lasts about a minute]
  • How to get to a file on his flash drive [brain burp--he knows how but went blank lol]
  • Mom of annoying girls from last week is back looking for a piece of paper she left...[yeah, we do clean up every day, and it probably got pitched with other papers, sorry]
  • Borrow scissors
  • Help darkening up a copy on the machine
  • Pay to print
  • Lost and found for reading glasses [YAY! We have dozens of these!]
  • Paper and pencils ("I really hate these pencils; can I borrow a pen?) [ok, sure]
  • Librarian C has a couple of questions re Large Print books she's double-checking post-processing in the catalog

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