Tuesday, December 11, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

6:00 in the children's room
  • Anti-imperialism [uh, yeah, you should probably hit up the adult desk on this one...]
  • Sad little boy doesn't want to leave; his mom says it's cuz he loves our big chair [I promise him it'll still be here tomorrow or whenever he gets back here]
  • Books about counties [which ones?], any of them [ok, so they range from 940ish to 999, and eventually he picks Australia and heads off to Scouts]
  • How to print
  • "What's my password?"
  • Looking for Alaska [so annoying--I can't find this anywhere: in YA where it belongs, here in the kids' room, back on the weeding cart, shelving carts...and was used yesterday according to the record in the computer, so .... dammit! Where is this book? I place a hold for another library's copy, but still!]
  • How to get back in after locking the internet [Num Lock was on...]
  • Why, oh WHY, do people walk behind this desk to get to the books behind me? I understand the desk is a semi-circle, and it's easy to do it accidentally, but to stare me in the face and saunter past me is just really freakin annoying....
  • YA fantasy books [we have a long convo since nothing she wants is currently on the shelf]
  • Alaska is now reserved for patron

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