Monday, April 22, 2013


What I'm doing between questions:

  • Three proctored tests have arrived in the mail; I have no idea what to do with them, but I read the (limited) instructions and hope for the best
  • Paper/pencil
  • Three books, only one of which is in our system; he decides to wait to order it until after he's done with the two he's got now
  • Dude shows me photos in a book on Ireland that are in a book on Ireland he has at home which wasp published 120 years ago....
  • Deaf woman asks if her email was sent "automatically" when the screen showed an airplane. Of course she's logged out now, so I have no idea but I say I think so
  • I ask gentleman 25 yards from me to please turn down his headphones as I can hear it from the desk; he says he would love to but doesn't know how [ah, well, then...I turn it down]
  • There are still MORE baby Mormons here today. Two I vaguely recognize, maybe, but the others are  new faces [how can one tell a baby Mormon without seeing a nametage? men: white shirt, tie, black pants & shoes, occasionally a suit or sports jacket, and very conservative haircut. women: long skirt, conservative haircut, usually a white shirt (but not always), and usually a cardigan or jacket. Both: using the internet endlessly to update their mission reports. No Facebook, some emailing.]
  • Local history intro/tutorial

  • Refresh the new baby Mormons' time
  • Fax
  • We have a full on chair dancer...sitting straight in front of my computer screen. She's also occasionally singing along with YouTube. AND I can totally hear the song. ...sigh, I'll be over there to shush her shortly
  • Librarian M comes out from the workroom and says she'll cover from 2-4 today because 5 hours is ridiculous, and 4 hours straight is unreasonable for anyone
  • Now one of the babies is watching some kind of loud video. It is far too quiet in here, I guess.
  • Friend stops to chat
  • "Not sure where we found these on the shelves..." [we'll do that for you]
  • The singer/dancer knows I'm watching her...but she's really engrossed....nevermind--I've told her not to sing along
  • Meanwhile, another regular comes in with his own earbuds on 11....
  • Paper/pencil
  • Librarian M looking for III's help page finds only help for their new platform, not the one we're on. Nice.
  • Refresh older baby Mormon's time
  • How to spell "nephew"
  • Where to print
  • Last week's girl who didn't receive her test for us to proctor is back asking for all our contact info again
  • Cooking books, cooking dictionaries, but couched as "Do you have any cooking books?" [uhm, yeah]
  • Pay to print

2:00  Librarian M took pity on me
3:00  I asked Librarian C to cover this hour so I could catalog at least a few of the things with holds

*6:00 in the children's room
  • I forgot this was "opening night" for the school district's spring art display. Consequently, it is absolutely MAYHEM in here: lots of kids and families, lots of questions, and the new children's librarian is getting to meet people that I can introduce her to as they wander through. However, as far as I'm concerned 7:00 cannot come soon enough. Probably 25 reference questions and requests for the bathroom keys in the first half hour. By 6:50, it has settled down to just plain busier-than-usual
*These were my originally-scheduled desk hours today. One librarian called in sick. There are 5 other librarians at work today. Are you kidding me, Schedule Person?!

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