Wednesday, April 24, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: checking in Public Library Catlog 2013 for what we own. In my collection sections only.

  • Just as I arrive, a woman needs to save her resume so she can attach it to an email. Librarian M sets her up with our Reference thumb drive on her way to her office.
  • Piano music books
  • Do we know anyone who repairs computers? [hello, Yellow Pages] She says the internet won't let her online because of all the buttons she pushed [I can't make anymore sense out of it than that, so I tell her it probably won't be too hard to fix, and send her on her way]
  • Homeless dude...order of protection...needs to chat...45 minutes later...[we have absolutely nothing on orders of protection from any perspective, and anyway, since he's the one who has to stay away, we wouldn't be real likely to have much in the first place; poor, young, naive guy (who's probably telling me a Big Fat Lie)]

I was on desk at least an hour yesterday, but it must have been busy, since I didn't have time to log in, nor do I remember much of anything except a prolonged trip to the Local History area where I had to explain from scratch what we've got and how to use it.

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