Saturday, April 27, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: email, RSS feeds, and Public Library Catalog.

9:00 in the children's room
  • Two former pages who are now engaged are here picking out books for her pre-school class. So good to catch up with them, and OMG I am old--they are fully adults, been out of college several years....

10:00 in the children's room
  • More art in the adult section... [x 2 or so]
  • Cleaning guy ... blah blah blah
  • As I move on, I leave 3 teen/tweeners in here shoulder surfing on one computer...and they are (so far) quiet

  • Naturally, Librarian J did absolutely none of the reserves placed yesterday or today..... :-\
  • Two birthing books for a very pregnant woman (her sixth) [one we have, one is an ILL]
  • No open computers, except for two that show open but have people online [SAM=FUBAR]
  • Werewolf needs her print money back [blah blah blah--her card is wet when she hands it to me, but I give her her $.40 back]
  • More people waiting for open computers....

  • Werewolf needs maps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire [printy printy printy] and Europe from the 12th century [more printy]
  • Friendly dude and I both suggest the other go outside and enjoy the weather [he's leaving; I can't go yet]
  • Pay to print x3
  • Classified ads and pencil/paper
  • Pencil/paper
  • Woman yells from nearby computer: "Help! Can you help me?" [well take off your earphones FIRST dumbass and no there really isn't any other way to turn up the sound...maybe the headphones are broken]
  • Help logging on to SAM

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