Friday, March 19, 2004

1 - 2 p.m.

* Where is Davis Rd.?
* AARP tax help is downstairs
* New baby pix @ Ofoto from New-Mom Librarian
* Copier not working; with help from Copier Guru on staff, we fix it
* Out of paper at Word proc.
* Chelation therapy [we have nothing; nothing much on Amazon less than 3 years old]
* History and text of the Nicene Creed [thank you Dan Brown!]
* Patron wants to know what the rumored new arrangement of libraries will mean for us? (the corsortia is multiplying and splitting and reconfiguring; very confusing)
* Phone book for city of R.
* Temp internet signup
* How to get rid of nesting-in-garage raccoon [university extension office]
* Thesaurus [cutie!]

Meanwhile, worked on Excel chart of moved Dewey numbers; 370-

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