Tuesday, March 16, 2004

J Desk 1-2 p.m.

* I volunteer the JRef. garbage can for patron looking madly for one for her trash.
* Cute-But-Loud toddler tries to use games computer. No parent in sight. SHH!
* Chat with tutor who uses the library regularly
* Learning-to-Walk-Boy enchanted by paper shamrocks hanging around JRef. desk.
* "Don't bang on the keyboard!" (Cute-But-Loud kid)
* Headphones for games computer
* Storytime lets out; 4-year-olds and parents everywhere!!
* A-HA. There's Cute-But-Loud's Mom; on the Internet, where else?
* "Don't stand on the chair!" (different child, same family--turns out there are 4 of them, all under age 5)
* "Don't eat over the keyboard." (different kid, just released from storytime with shamrock cookie in hand)
* "You can't play on the computer unless you're using headphones." (all the kids in Cute-But-Loud Family) [This is a New Rule minted by me especially for this family.]
* Headphones for Cookie Boy, who is really quite polite (the cookie is eaten)
* Cute-But-Loud Mom asks Librarian JK when the next storytime is; I want to say, "For you, NEVER!!"
* Librarian K brings me a knob one of the kids found during storytime. We'll figure out what it's for the next time something breaks. Or it will sit in the desk drawer until 2009.
* Return headphones

Meanwhile, I continued with my attempt to figure out the collection of telecourse videos. I'm beginning to loathe them.

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