Tuesday, March 09, 2004

3-4 p.m.

* Do I remember what links we used to have on the Jobs computer?" (from our techie) Nope.
* [phone] Call for Librarian A to schedule next test to be proctored.
* Young girl I used to know is here, looking very grownup. We chat.
* Internet signup
* Internet signup
* Pay for prints
* Reserves
* Pay for prints
* Word proc
* Temp internet user signup
* Paper
* How do I log on? I forgot--it's been awhile.
* Need an easy bio of Jefferson for an assignment to write his obituary.
* Can't remember password (same guy as before).
* Print job disappeared. Retry (we won't charge her).
* Librarian K wants to know how to photocopy onto transparency film. Librarian T knows how (I certainly don't!).

Meanwhile, I put barcodes on new materials, one nearly-full side of a shelving cart.

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