Wednesday, March 10, 2004


* PTO prez again
* Jobs PC
* [phone] Do we have the Dr. Phil diet book? (Yes, there are 10 holds; shall I add you to the list?) No that's to long to wait. But do you have anything on chair exercises? (Yes, shall I hold it?) Yes please, and can you tell me how much Dr. Phil's book costs? ($26.) Oh, then please put me on the waiting list after all. [grrrrr]
* [phone] Family member called to harrass me again ;-)
* [phone] Word proc signup for this afternoon
* Director brings down two huge notebooks on two new subdivisions. We have no place to put them. We move the cris-cross book and shove the tax books around. Voila.
* [phone from Circ] What does the date after the author's name mean? Is that the year of publication for the book? [sadly, this is one of our tech svc people asking... I don't kill her, or sound too incredulous] [I hope]
* Reserve on Mitch Albom's new book
* Change email address for online overdue notification
* Old baseball player data
* Very frowny woman wants to print her Word document
* Word proc
* Card catalog? (He's sitting at it--but using the genealogy program)
* Do we have card scanners for public Internet logon? (No) Director said we did. (Nope, not yet)
* (same guy) Is the Jobs PC the only one that has CD-burning capability. (I think so, but you're welcome to try the word processing ones)
* The word procs DO burn CDs but they don't access the Internet. (Yep, you got it) [good thing this guy is nice!]
* Temporary Internet user signup
* Is the mail here yet? Wants to see local paper. (no, sorry--one of our nice older regulars)
* Zip code for town of C.
* How to go back one screen on the FAFSA. (Can't figure it out) [Also can't remember new password to extend her time...]
* Where to find these books on scraps of paper. [All on witchcraft, but one is Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden....not what they want, I'm sure; do I tell them? No, because they need the exercise and to learn how to read the card catalog properly...and because I'm mean.]
* Temp Internet signup
* Coin collecting and "no, don't get up, I'll find it, you just stay put" [nice baseball man from earlier]
* Pay for print jobs
* Word proc
* Printer messup--move to next PC
* How to send an email using Yahoo!
* Tax forms
* Nice woman turns in someone's library card; patron apparently left it at the Internet station he was using. I put it in the Lost Card box
* Next Internet user "forgot" card; when I look it up for her, it was found last week and put in our Lost Card box. Weird how this happens...
* Why isn't the printer printing my driving directions? (SAM is too complicated for some people.) [We figure it out and then he tells me he's moving to PA. Nice older man; I'll miss him.]
* Pay for print jobs
* Do I reserve the study rooms? (nope, just go right in)
* State tax forms for a very confused older woman [who, scarily, says she won't need more than one copy because she "won't be here next year" and then says "the hell with 'em" re the Dept. of Revenue]
* Pay for print jobs
* I spot Librarian J, which means I am soon going off desk and, more importantly, to lunch. [growl growl says my stomach]

Meanwhile, I continued plodding through DDC22 looking for "wrong" numbers. I have finished the 300s at last!

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