Wednesday, March 03, 2004


-Chicago Fire
-Need copies of "where can I find" flyer; run 20 and fold
-Our Favorite Morning Person (Mr. Ick): "Don't worry, I won't listen to it" while holding up a small boombox
-Sign for Shakespeare section, only 3 months after requested...
-[phone]: Five People You Meet...(Albom). Reserved it for her
-Temporary net user forgot his number. I look it up. Cuz I'm nice.
-Paper times 2
-Internet signup from town of H. library
-PTO prez here--saving me a phone call later
-First temp guy asks if he has to check in with us every time. Nope, not till he expires in Sept.
-Today's papers: nice patron put them where they belong and is stopping to tell me. Which reminds me to go pick up yesterdays' and put them together for shelving
-Word proc signup
-Internet signup for homeless guy with user card from library C
-Internet signup for teenager. Also wants to know about legal emancipation. Word proc guy tells her she's old enough to get a card. WHAT?
-Word proc printer not working right (same guy); I tell him to use the next one while I futz with the printer cartridge
-"Do I need a password?" Word Proc Guy... [Yes. Sigh]
-Printjob payment
-Tax help is downstairs
-Has Preg. Librarian had baby? [no]
-Printjob payment
-Yahoo! "free" credit check asking for credit card # (homeless guy=no credit cards). Probably not really free then...
-Need more scratch paper out here [chop chop chop...voila]
-Tax help is downstairs
-Reset timer on Internet for patron. I can't remember password. Get flustered. Eventually figure it out. Luckily she didn't run out of time
-Job PC signup
-Temp. user signup
-Tax help is downstairs
-Printjob payment
-[phone]: Thresholds, by Bill Harris (0972178007) [we don't own--ILL]
-How to access AOL and send link to page he found
-Job PC signup
-Printjob payment and stapler use
-Travel vid/DVD for Spain
-Tax help is downstairs
-Word proc guy pays for printjobs. And uses stapler
-Check out up front (she should know this, she's here all the time)
-Where's the bathroom? Can I leave all this here while I go?
-Word proc signup
-Access tutorial (ask overtime user to leave: she's done anyway...)
-[phone] School District phone number for woman in Texas
-ME: "Did you need some help?" No, she's just disappointed; she thought she found a book but it was the wrong author
[someone is walking around on the roof]
[the blowers just stopped--jeez, it's quiet in here...except for the thumps on the roof]
-Word proc. Overtime girl. Warned that she'd have to give up her spot if we had a run on PCs
[blowers back on, and thumping is louder]
-Check from Garden Club for last books they donated
-New sets of Community College videos are already messed up (duplicates of some, and missing some)
-AARP tax help downstairs (but they don't look AARP-y)

AAH RELIEF!! Lunch-time...

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