Tuesday, March 16, 2004

11 a.m.-12 noon

As I survey the wondrous cross-section of our community...

* Pencil & paper
* Address to send in federal tax form
* Temp Internet signup
* Pencil. With lead (picky, picky)
* [phone] Family member called with good news
* Thanks for earlier pencil
* Return of desk copy of Consumer Reports issues, along with borrowed pencil
* Temp Internet signup
* She just renewed card. Wants to reserve book we wouldn't let her reserve till she renewed
* Causes of dizziness, poor man
* [phone] Another library is sending a patron over to pick up a CD. Thank goodness they called; it is nowhere to be found.
* Staff member trots along next to me to tell me that we can work on ILL at noon. My question is, "Can I eat lunch while we do this??"
* Other library's patron actually just needs "C is for Cookie." Success; I have found it on video.
* Gas forced-air furnace repair. Patron says, "Thanks, love" either to me or to his wife.
* Our Tech Svc person tries to explain why a patron couldn't access a website last week. Turns out all gambling sites are blocked. Luckily, the director is here and immediately recognizes that we need to either 1) change that in the Internet software, or 2) put that into our signup form.

[The director is also next at the desk. I finally leave at 12:10 ...]

Meanwhile, I attempted to figure out the collection of telecourse videos: what we have, what we should have, what we don't have. As well as which are cataloged and which aren't.

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