Wednesday, March 24, 2004

9 a.m. - noon

CRANKY DAY--look out!

* We need more "Where Can I Find...?" flyers; I print and fold
* Patron makes suggestive comment to circ staff (hmm, used to like him too....)
* [phone] She doesn't need Job PC after all
* I find errors in the "Where Can I Find...? flyer--time for a revision
* Stapler
* [I hate copiers!] Multiple jams that take over 15 minutes to clear
* More jams in copier; nevermind, will do it somewhere else!
* 2002 tax form; IRS site is piled up and we can't get form to download. He'll try at 3 a.m., or call to have it sent
* "This Internet station doesn't like anyone this morning." I restart it
* AARP tax help is downstairs
* Tax forms are over there, by the BIG SIGN THAT SAYS TAX FORMS
* No Social Skills is back: aha--I've figured it out! ALL he says is "Hello. How're you." [note lack of ? mark] But he is dressing better now
* Circ person checks with me to be sure the magazine someone is trying to check out isn't the current one [why can't we just barcode them when they arrive??]
* Patron R has snuck in at some point :-)
* I hear the telltale sound of someone rebooting (the monitors thrum when you do it wrong) but can't see who it is
* [I don't think McD's put enough caffeine in my Pepsi this morning]
* Patron can't log back on after his Internet froze up; I think I found the PC-Shutter-Offer. I free up his record....he doesn't LOOK like a Bethany. So he gets a lecture too
* Patron thinks Christopher Moore's Lamb may not be appropriate for middle school kids (where we have it shelved), although she loved the book [so did I]; send book to YA librarian for examination
* Librarian JK asks if I will be at work on April 2
* Temp Internet signup
* Computer blew up again on same guy; I think SAM knows he's using his wife's card!
* Lamb Woman can't access her file: "I think I have a virus." [She does this all the time; usually it's "I think YOU have a virus." She just doesn't save to her floppy. She has managed to erase her whole disk on another occasion, to the point of needing to reformat it. Today her file comes up in ?Korean. "The guy who was using this before me was Oriental." It was Patron R: not Asian! At all. YOU are just a putz.] sigh sigh sigh
* VERY bent-over man needs AARP tax help
* New patron
[shoot, I walk away for 3 minutes and the director appears and starts banging around this PC to show another patron the Ofotos]
* Discussion with director re yesterday's OCLC pricing meeting, IOUG meeting in May, why I haven't opened the Ref Desk email, etc., etc.
* Ina Garten books [we have one on the shelf; that's enough for her]
* Same patron: Renovation of the heart [will have to ILL]
* National Wildlife April/May issue [not on shelf, but not checked out]
* Same patron: Spy; we own it but she needs author's name so she can find it. I get it from the 327s for her...not a lot of lights on in her brain. But she's very nice. Too bad Korean Document Lady (a.k.a. Lamb Woman) decides she needs to be involved in this patron's quest for a book...
* Patron with nasty cough [ick--go away!]
* Weird print-job guy from yesterday is back; the pictures look normal today [whatever]
* Same patron wants to find local comm. college's classes in HVAC; can't find 'em online, tell him to call them and ask [poor guy--I keep failing to help him]
* "Where did my print jobs go?" She's going to try again because she didn't do it right. Of course
* Voila: print jobs. She waited for all the "are you sure?" boxes this time
* Long soliloquy about Amtrak ("Trips I Have Taken") and a thank you for access to Internet. Daughters live in DC and Rochester, MN. What else would you like to know about him; betcha I can tell you
[where should I eat lunch: Mardi Gras or Swiss Maid or Taco Bell?]
* Malignant Self-Love [we don't own; will buy] and books on narcissism

Meanwhile, I went through donations, and tried to copy "New in May" lists. Grr.

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