Wednesday, March 17, 2004

9 a.m.- noon

The daytime homeless site for today has opened.

* 3 of our "regular" homeless population wander in and plop for the day at "their" table
* Stuff is appearing on Explorer that we never put there. I delete all the extra "favorites" we now have, and close the additional search bar. Some stuff still there that shouldn't be. Need to call Tech Svc for help
* How to spell "shillelagh" [hmmm, wonder why]
* Rehash of yesterday's computer chaos from Librarian JK [go away]
* {where's my Dr. Pepper?!!}
* Director arrives to see the weird stuff. She instructs me to call Tech Support J. I page him
* PTO prez assures us that the public PCs look fine
* TSJ calls back, and I explain. The cell phone disconnects us
* {big slug of DP while I wait for TSJ's call back}
* We will monitor the rest of the day; TSJ is working off-site today. Any more problems, we'll call. Hopefully this is not a worm that the IRA has set to go off today. sigh
* Can I use Internet? I check his card; change his expiration date and he's all set
* CL Computer User Card--"I forgot my password." [I just registered this guy here last week, for Pete's sake]
* Books on lotteries "like this one" (he wants a strategy book for picking); we have none. No one has any. Probably stolen. By other people thinking they can beat the system. hah
* Annoying mom with ratty kids from last week is back. She's here every week trying to do genealogy with a 2-year-old in tow (today she brought an older sibling[?] to help; why isn't this kid in school?)
* Lottery Guy is back, with the receipt for the book in his hand (purchased in 1984). So? I reiterate that we don't have anything; the receipt doesn't change things. He can buy stuff on Amazon or at Borders, but we don't have anything on the shelf today. I think I'm a little gruff with him....
* Do we run Windows XP on any public computers? [no]
* Tax form book for 2003. My brain falls out--that's last year's books, or the ones for this year...? [duh]
* Copier is over there
* Thank you from tax-form patron
* I file 'on-order' cards with holds attached
* Renewed Guy shows his print jobs to me; "only 4." I check his card anyway, cynic that I am.
* Lottery Guy can't figure out copier. Needs to have copies of his Soc. Sec. card/DL/immigration card; front and back. "How much?" [20 cents]
* Very Pregnant Woman needs a restroom.
* More weird stuff pops up on this PC. I try not to panic, pretty successfully
* Word proc.
* Pay phone
* Email reserves for me to do
* Phone number look-up
* PG Librarian isn't PG anymore; it's a girl! {She is now to be known as New-Mom Librarian}
* AARP tax prep people are downstairs. Over there.
* She needs to print off something she downloaded from the Internet into a WordPad file.
* Holy Hormones by Ron Eaker
* Word proc.
* Favorite patron R comes in, finally: I've been saving something one of his nephews left behind a week ago--a PowerPoint about R that is a real tribute to him. R is surprised and really touched.
* Did we get the county daily paper today? Uhm, yeah, I think it was in the pile I put in the reading room 2 hours ago. Not there now....
* Printer payment (an honest word proc user!!)
* Director asks if we should have Librarian A do Word tutoring classes instead of one-on-one; have I ever listened in? Is N good at the one-on-ones? [no clue, but N is very patient with everyone in general] She's going to ask N. [ok then]
* Patron R needs word proc.; asks about PG Librarian's baby--says he will stop by the hospital to see her today
* Thank you from other word proc user as she leaves
* Blank floppy? [yep]
* Is Librarian A here? [not yet--half an hour]
* Now Librarian A is in the building. As is Librarian J (my relief!)
* Patron who normally has 0 social skills says "hi how are you" to me. Gasp
* Circ person & I negotiate Street Date issue. I think it's resolved

Meanwhile, I worked through DDC22 again. 468-571 done.
We have a lot of weird language books! And our Science section is pretty anemic.

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