Tuesday, March 23, 2004

11 a.m. - noon

None of the clocks in the building say the same time!

* Basement remodeling
* [stuff is still on Explorer that shouldn't be!]
* New card number; SAM needs to be updated with his info
* [the squeaky copier is gonna drive me nuts!]
* wrong kind of basement books, but she's late picking up her kids; back tomorrow with husband to watch kids
* Director runs past with tour, and leaves envelope for Librarian J at Ref Desk (?)
* No Social Skills says hi again. I'm getting nervous...
* [phone] School district budget
* Techie J arrives with laptop to "collect information" [?]; his wireless connection blows up and he goes somewhere else to reconnect
* Internet printing LSD-style pictures again [like wow man]; I tell patron to try a different terminal. Wish we could figure out why this happens
* Weird print guy can't log in to other terminal [well, duh, you have to log out of the other one first...sigh]
* Haven't seen for awhile: Word signup and typing books
* More LSD pictures; I give up and ask if he can come back tomorrow and try
* [phone] Proctored test
* Southern Living from March [checked out]

Meanwhile, I compiled the New Books in May lists.

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