Friday, March 19, 2004

11 a.m. - 12 noon

* Glorious Appearing arrives as a reserve from another library (Street date is 3/30) and alert circ person dumps it on me to "do something about" [???]
* Patron R is back
* Iggery? Oops; eggery=egg decorating
* "B.C.E." definition (found here; very cogent site)
* [email] registration for kid program over Spring Break
* Short turorial on how to use catalog; they're looking for Lucinda Bassett stuff, specifically, the tapes the patron donated last month
* Her internet screen "went fuzzy" and now she can't log back in
* The Street Date debate continues in email...
* Ooghpf...icky morning patron E is here 3 hours late!
* Print job payment: $1.40. All he has is a $20. All I have is about $2.50 in change
* Local phone book
* Staff member searching for book with wrong spine label. There's irony for ya
* Mr. Ick needs Tim Allen books

Meanwhile...hah! There was no meanwhile.

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