Friday, December 23, 2011

1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: prepping to clean up the on-order records for end-of-month stats next week.

  • Staff member wants to know why is "Obama next to the euthanasia books" : 179 vs. 179.7 [Of Thee I Sing classed as "Other Ethical Norms"; euthanasia falls in there at 179.7 : "Respect and disrespect for human life"]
  • Shelver asks, "Is there a shelving cart back here?" [yup, a full one]
  • Boss brings my Emergency Sugar Stash (i.e., Christmas present) to me
  • [Why yes, it is actually deadly quiet today, thanks for asking!]
  • Witchcraft--"I've read all your books--and specifically on spells for money-making [not much in the system; we seem to have the biggest selection, about half of which is missing or billed forever]
  • "I left a pair of earbuds in the library yesterday; do you have them?" [not here, check up front in the lost and found--he asks the same thing almost every time I see him: such a scammer]
  • [My family arrives to harrass me, and to return a borrowed-from-a-coworker casserole]
  • Incedies [totally butchered the title, but we find it here on our shelves--hah! He is suitably impressed]

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  1. Nice catch on the DVD! That must be why you work the Reference desk. :)


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