Friday, December 30, 2011

9:00 - 10:00 a.m. ; 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: placing holds on Demand-order items, starting on end-of-month stats stuff, cleaning out old email (down to under 2000 now!)

9:00 [in children's room]
  • [not one single hash-mark on yesterday's tally sheet for reference/other questions in here...niiiice, peeps!]   
  • [otoh, there hasn't been one patron in the room the whole hour, so....]
  • [oh, wait: 9:50 and 5 people walked in...yay]
  • "Is there a catalog computer in here?" [yup--she finds one]
  • [Librarian M checks on a patron she searched on this computer earlier--nope, no fines...long story]
  • [phone] 2001: A Space Odyssey [our copy is checked out...a long, sob-story ensues, one I can't really help with]
  • [Librarian M calls back and fills me on the even longer story...]
  • Someone left their cell phone next to a computer [I label it with time & date--owner will be back, I'm sure]
  • [phone] The Help [on waiting list, I place hold], The Bird Sisters [not here, I place hold], The Queen Hereafter [in the bulding, found and put on holdshelf for her], The Valcourt Heiress [supposed to be here, can't find, place hold], Seeing Trees [not in the consortium, I write up order request]
  • [In the middle of that, lost phone owner returns and gets her phone]
  • Day pass for internet
  • An Unquenchable Thirst [we have two copies on the shelf--he's ecstatic: "does this work just like DVDs??" uhm, yeah, except you get three]
  • Same patron asks about a book "something World Book and Python programming" [I find Hello World! in Amazon, which he says is what he wants, but he's going to purchase it]
  • Then he asks if I've heard of The Brain That Changes Itself which he loves [our copy is billed since 2009...sigh]
  • Medicaid/Medicare spend-down policies for nursing home patients
  • Pay for printing
  • Downloading books on a Kindle; and DVDs on prospecting/panning for gold [nothing in our collection, but we do find a bunch of Kindle books, and some DVDs on Amazon too]
  • More time on the net? [I renew it]
  • [PJM asks about changing stuff around in a kit; I'll need to do some updating when I get back to my desk]
  • Pencil
  • [Chatty patron from the distant past comes in and we chat fairly briefly (for him)]
  • Magazine shelver volunteer has a question about People in Spanish
  • Pigs in Heaven synopsis
  • Temporary internet pass
  • [Volunteer returns to tell me a random story...]
  • Pencil
  • Ethernet cable
  • Print map to P-ski Road in [Big City]

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