Wednesday, December 07, 2011

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: creating order carts in B&T and Midwest Tape for my collection development areas, and the ever-exciting subject-heading changes.

1:00 [in the kids' room]
  • [there is a storytime going on for the first half hour I'm at the desk, so I eavesdrop on that]
  • Disney Princess Christmas CD not in library system? [nope, and it's not available from our suppliers, being 6 years old] [thank God!]
  • [phone] Do we have "e-reader books" for Kindle? [transfer to adult ref]
  • [when storytime ends, I talk to Library L re her new kids' standing order plan(s)]   
  • [phone] Do we own I Have Heard You Calling In the Night? [no...he will check it out at the library he is at then]
  • [phone] How to download library ebooks on Kindle [I walk her thru it]
  • Can we get books from [next-town-over] library? [nope, different library system, but your card works there] REALLY?! [I love telling people that--it makes their whole day]
  • "My email didn't fill in my friend's email address, just her name. Did it send? [yes, probably, but this is how you can check...]
  • Downloading ebooks on Kindle. [the week after Christmas is going to SUCK, when everyone is trying to get their new toys to work!]


  1. I'm trying to convince certain Ref Supervisors that we should have take-home cards with step-by-step instructions customized for each type of e-reader. That way, when we're walking folks through it, we can hand them the card and say, "here's what we're doing, just on the off chance that you lose a step." With blank space for their own notes. And passwords for home use.

    Not that my suggestion will go anywhere, but, y'know.

    Yet again, I wish we worked together.

  2. We have two services for ebooks/eaudio/evideo, so that makes it more complicated. The flyer we had is no longer valid because one of the services is no longer available. So we need to rewrite directions for the new one that has taken its place. So, right now, we got a big NADA. sigh


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