Tuesday, December 06, 2011

3:00 - 5:00 p.m. ; 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

So, yeah, I haven't been doing a lot of Reference for the past few years, trying to catch up on a giant backlog of cataloging and bring a new director up to speed.

As I will start working full-time hours beginning in a couple of weeks, and as one of my friends reminded me about this sad little blog recently, I figured I would use the quiet early-afternoon hours today to reboot.

What I'm doing between questions: revising this blog (ahem), and working on cleanup, mostly subject headings.

  • [I am warned before Librarian L leaves the desk that people seem to be cranky today. Great]
  • [phone] Garbled request for "It's not fair, Jeremy Spencer's parents let him stay up all night!" and Hannah's List [we own both, but Hannah is checked out, so I put it on hold and take the former to the holdshelf]
  • Pay for printing [and I have a terrible time understanding how much she wants to leave on her card after she prints]
  • One of our custodial workers comes around emptying recycling bins [how the heck does staff MISS a 2-foot-by-3-foot box under the desk??]
  • Return ethernet cable; I return her ID
  • Pay for printing
  • Realize DH has IM'd me
  • Ethernet cable goes back out to someone else; ID in drawer
  • [phone] Basic math books to brush up [we have loads--I pull a couple and put them on the holdshelf]
  • "I forgot my card. Can you look up my number?" [ID? Nope? Then, sorry, no...]
  • "I've moved, but I have a card from my new home...." blah blah [yes you can use the internet]
  • [Person on computer nearest me has the volume turned up so loud on her headphones that I can identify the song, easily. Yeeesh!]
  • Pencil
  • Pay for printing
  • Pencil
  • [Hmm, dude with card from out of the area is clipping his fingernails at the computer station! NOT a homeless guy. ...sigh]
  • Pay for printing
  • "Where is everybody??" [not here, not sure why, not complaining! lol]
6:00 [in the kids' room]
  • Pencil and paper
  • [6 black sharpies in the drawer and NOTHING ELSE to write with?! ...sigh]
  • [I was volunteered to 'peer review' a paper for a patron--am doing that for the first part of the hour]
  • Pay for printing
  • Bathroom key
  • [Circ person comes in with a DVD asking if I requested it--yes--it's been sitting around for God-knows-how-long in The Box (there's A Box?) for staff requests]
  • "Where do I find a book that says it's in "J Parenting..." [I find it]
  • Key returned
  • Pay for printing 
  • "Where does it print?"
  • Easy-to-read books for a 3rd-grader who reads low for his age [Magic Tree House to the rescue!]
  • 2-inch long pencil stuck in electric pencil sharpener; a paper-clip is a bad idea for retrieving it [I snag it with the one fingernail I have]
  • Bathroom key
  • Key returned
  • [phone] Books on rocks and minerals for "oral language" low-level elementary kids [I pull what we've got on the shelves]
  • Eclipse movie [checked out]; other Twilight movies [checked out]; Harry Potter movies [the only one that's here he doesn't want]; Harry Potter books [THOSE we have!]; Alvin and the Chipmunks, Home Alone movies [strikeout] [I eventually walk him to the to-be-shelved cart at Circ to look at what's there....and reserve Eclipse for him when it comes back] [And his name was wrong on his card, not inverted so he was coming up under his first name...fixed]
  • "Are there any programs tonight?" [nope, not really much going on till the beginning of 2012, sigh...sorry]


  1. The Box is obviously a good idea...only if EVERYONE knows it's there and how to use it. Otherwise, it's where communication goes to die. (Yet again, I'm reminded why I'm glad I don't work with you..hee hee.)

    Which reminds me, I need to ask you about Lexile scores. Someday.

  2. Don't. It'll just cause head-pain and general angst.

  3. Even if we get a bobo doll and cover its face with a sign that says "Lexile"? At least the pain will be someone else's, then...


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