Thursday, December 22, 2011

10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: cross-checking LCSH changes against our catalog to see if updates need doing.

10:00 (filling in while the scheduled Librarian, M, has a "quick meeting"* with the director re tech stuff)
  • "Have you ever done one of these? [a Sudoku--yes, Mr. Ick, I have]
  • Circ person looking for some patrons she lost
  • "How do I just print the part of a site, not all 11 pages?" [Print Preview to save the day!]
  • Minor problem with the printer (same guy)
  • Pay for printing [patron is clearly hard of hearing and also not very techy, and wanted her pictures in color, so I walk her through that procedure knowing that I'll have to walk her through printing too since the b&w copies will still be in the printer buffer--she's talking to herself nonstop as she redoes her printing]
  • [--and she doesn't have anough money--three dollars--to pay to print....]
  • Shelver, who is shifting the Reference books, brings over a 2007 out-of-state business directory that won't stand up [2000-page paperbacks do that] and asks what to do about it; we decide to leave it lying flat for now to straighten it a bit and I'll ask Librarian M if we should/can just pitch it
  • [phone] "Do you have Macs?" [after my initial confusion over "Max," I say no and suggest local colleges, and give her the phone number for a nearby public library]
  • [* (at 9:34)"quick meeting" my Aunt Fanny --not that I expected it to be]
  • Printer needs paper
  • [Local paper] and Wall Street Journal [both kept behind the desk]
  • ["Islands--Switzerland"??? Isn't that kind of like "Islands--Nebraska"? lol]
  • Stapler
  • "Stupid computer ain't taking my...." [I get his login information and he walks away before I can tell him what the problem was/is]
  • Deaf woman returns to pay and print, and of course it's a nightmare
  • Pay for printing
  • [phone] Milton Berle's Private Joke Book [this is a kid asking for it, he messes up the title so I can't find it right away...poor guy, like I'd just told him I'd kicked his dog--anyway, placed a hold on it for him]
  • [*still not back...Librarian J is apparently covering Hour Two of the Quick Meeting]

11:00 [in children's room]
  • [Circ Supervisor is hiding in here because Chatty-Not-Always-Sober Patron is at Circ Desk; at 11:10, I buzz Circ and 'rescue' the staff member whose ear she's been bending for God knows how long]
  • [Newly-returned shelver continues to shift picture books--I say hi]
  • [Director appears (*meeting's over!), tells shelver she's doing a "great job!" shifting, stops to ask if I need anything--I don't say "a raise," "a dozen cookies" or anything else snarky--and she leaves for the day]
  • "Can you recommend any good books?" [14-year-old, already carrying 6-7 YA novels...we wander thru YA and then over to the New (adult) Books--she's read Columbine, so she can probably deal with Nic Sheff--I LOVE THIS PART OF MY JOB!!!]
  • Circ Supervisor brings two copies of a Calvin & Hobbes book to ask why one is cuttered CAL and the other WAT; ironically, Librarian T, my co-cataloger, was just talking about this earlier this week, so I dump these on her. Also, Prince of Egypt, cuttered DIS (for Disney)? Not.
  • [3 VERY noisy kids run in, directly to the toys in the rotunda...look out, whoever is in here next hour!]

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  1. My Coworker T's project during my week off is to fix some cuttering inconsistencies, too. I wonder if it's the name.

    I helped someone find "some good new poetry" recently. What a fun talk that was! :)


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