Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: checking the January pre-orders against the catalog, and "other duties as assigned" (mostly watching a few more homeless people wander around, and hitting the, staff workroom...for snacks).

  • [one of our regular, annual, homeless guests stops at the art display board I can see and spends a good deal of time examining each of the items--a brand new insight into his world for me. Watching his face is killing me. He's really taken by some of the artwork and keeps checking back on them as he walks away. (Then again, he might just be drunk or otherwise incapacitated, says the Cynic in my head.)]
  • Pencil
  • [phone] Killing Lincoln [33 holds; I add her to the list]   
  • Pay for printing
  • "How do I get a PIN?" [you get to pick your own PIN or password! woohoo]
  • Pencil
  • [phone] "I'm collecting signatures so I can run for Congress in [city] district; can I do that outside the library?" [consensus of everyone in the building is Ask The Director...who just left the building for the day, of course; he declines to leave a name to call back for clarification]
  • [phone] "I'm thinking about buying a Kindle..." [...and so I explain the basics, which is all I really know anyway]
  • Painting (walls, not pictures) [698.1]
  • [greet another of our silent-but-daily patrons, a quiet, behaved one--have now tripled the # of words I've spoken to him over time ;-)]
  • [phone] Contact phone #s for [Giant Nearby City] Housing Authority and [County to our East] Housing Authority [he records my findings--that's a first--because he's visually handicapped so writing the numbers down wouldn't work]
  • ESL books [but Ingles Sin Barreras is even better! Plus, cute kids]
  • Apply for a library card? [circ desk]
  • [turn down the firetruckin' music, idiot teen playing pot-related online games!!!]   
  • [turn down your firetruckin' PHONE, idiot teen's friend!!]
  • Pay for printing [from the first guy at 3:00]
  • [Local paper] ... and returned in about 20 minutes
  • [returning, college-age shelver comes by--great to see her!]
  • Headphone splitter [we used to have dozens; now we]
  • Pencil

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