Monday, April 23, 2012

1 12:45 - 2:10 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: hah!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha......

  • [we briefly lost power at about 12:45 and, while the power comes back up fairly quickly, our catalog database does not...commence dashing about]
  • Head of Circ interrupts director during her TWO HOUR REVIEW of another staff member to ask for help--"Call [maintenance guy]."  Thanks, thanks for that, you useless....
  • We check the basement for electrical issues
  • I call to ask to have our database reset--system IT guy doesn't answer phone, so I email him and backup IT person
  • Head to Ref to relieve Librarian B, who seems ready to kill someone
  • Someone is here, sans proctoring appointment, to 7 real estate tests. At once. I finish filling out all the paperwork for that, pending her finishing them all and returning them
  • "My card isn't letting me log into the internet" [probably because SAM can't talk to our database right now...temp pass]
  • ...x 2 
  • Librarian K appears to see what help is needed and says, "[Database] is back up in the front...?" Sure enough. Thanks for the call-back, IT peeps. You fuckin' ROCK! {not}
  • Pencil
  • I call Head of Circ to ask if IT guy called her to tell her we were up. Director answers...and hangs up on me while trying to transfer ; HoC walks back here and says, "Not to my knowledge did we get a call." 
  • Pencil & paper
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Director appears to ask if I need anything. I complain about IT folks not calling back..."Yes, he did call." [and because I'm stressed and pissed about this place in general, I say, "Well, that would have been nice for [Head of Circ] or me to know!"] ; resultant blather makes it seem as if we were up and online a solid 10 minutes before he called, just before she walked back here
  • Look up password
  • Pay to print
  • {{I need a drink}}
  • HoC comes back to say, "IT Guy called...right as I was coming back after she cut you off on the phone" [we kibbitz]
  • Job ad folder
  • Nasty-ish note to Ref staff: don't override blocks on item records from other libraries ... duh  [softened, I hope, with a ;-)]
  • I take Value Line issues over and file them
  • "Do you have video games?" [not for anyone as tall as he]
  • Fax
  • Questions about Job Office brochure in folder on desk (same guy has been looking at the folder all this time) [we sort out locale and dates, which he thought were APRIL, not MAY]
  • "Spanish-help??" [I go get some for her] ; it was a print question, so that was easy
  • Pencil, and the guy is bringing his own noise-suppressing headphones [hurrah!!!]
  • First guy this hour returns pencil and paper
  • Complicated medical question
  • Fax (and she feels the need to get involved in the other woman's question...grr...because she's taken a reference class.... grrr-squared)

Upon further conversation with HoC once I leave the Ref Desk, I send out a staff-wide email reminding people NOT to log back into the database unless cleared by [a short list of people who know what's going on], since it appears that's what happened this time...thus making myself THE most popular person on staff today (or not).

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