Monday, April 02, 2012

1 - 2 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: reading Autocat posts (taking a break from recreating the budget spreadsheet that go over-written somehow by something entirely different)

  • How to use the do taxes...omglol  ; also where's the IE icon [under the SAM popup, which annoys the CRAP outta me, but is easy enuf to fix]
  • Paper & pencil [our regular youngish dred-haired "WEEZY" cap-wearing patron]
  • Pay to print
  • Newsflesh trilogy, book 2 on CD [doesn't exist; she swears she's listening to book 1 on CD, which ALSO doesn't exist...fortunately I know her, so I send her home and tell her to call me when she looks at the box for the book she's listening to]
  • Today's classified ads [I get them]...
  • ....and needs help with Mapquest [I ask him to come back when I'm done with Newsflesh woman]
  • Pay to print
  • Pencil
  • Three new books, which I can't remember now because this was all happening at once [I reserve one and do demand requests for the other two]
  • Meanwhile, Librarian C tells me that the guy on station #14 is using a card issued to a woman ; he's one of a cadre of "problems" that comes in daily, so I tell her I'll knock him off the net from here]
  • Pen ... and, ten minutes later, white-out
  • History of the local JC's chapter
  • Finally have a chance to knock the dude offline... [heh, oh, the power]
  • Renew income tax guys' time

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