Friday, April 06, 2012

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. (1:40 - 2 p.m.) ; 2 - 4 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: subject heading checking/cleanup

11:00 in the children's room
  • No school today, but the weather is outstanding so not too many kids in here
  • Pay to print
  • ........aaaaaaaaaaaand we have another giggler watching something on the internet [lol]
  • Toddler book(s) on body parts [nothing really works for her...]
  • The giggler exits, stuffing his coat into his mouth...WHY do kids do this??
  • What time do you close today? [same as usual: 6:00] ; Dora DVDs [oh yeah we got 'em]
  • When is the last day for the Peeps displays? [later this month]
  • Horrible assignment for kids: projects on plants -- this little girl has papayas and peanuts -- and they have to have 5 resources, one of which needs to be in Spanish [apparently there've been other kids in for this looking for guavas, watermelons....WTF, Teach?]

1:40 in the children's room (because once again the schedule changed...)
  • Cartoons (funny ones), specifically The Pink Panther [we don't have, so I reserve it for her from another library]
  • Bathroom keys for the cleaning guy
  • Bathroom key (and he hadn't really started on one of them, so that worked out)

  • Try to help someone print, but he figures it out just as I get there
  • There are two women who've been talking--quietly--at one of the internet stations since I got here; they are starting to annoy me, and I wonder if the one logged on is aware that she's on the (internet) clock (no one in the vicinity seems bothered at this point)
  • How to get on the internet [or so I suppose since the guy actually utters about 6 words total]
  • Pay to print [not that I pay attention--$5 is the same as $1, right?...ugh]
  • Director calls to tell me she sent me an email almost 2 hours ago and we aren't listed in the attachment as [city] but as City of [city]  [and I care...why?] ; and no it's not crazy, stay in your office [please]
  • Look up password ; card is inactive [Why is this poor woman coming all the way out from the children's room? Twice now? Because, she says, there's no one in there--I run around trying to figure out what's going on...]
  • Director gets involved in that and makes sure I'm "OK" [gah]
  • Look up card number with DL and pay to print -- and his card is inactive [fail]
  • Day pass--but he's got no ID, so I apologize for being mean [he's pretty nice about it: "you're not the first to be mean" lol] ; on the other hand, he's now sitting at a computer happily bouncing around the internet]
  • Tape
  • Is there an Easter egg hunt Sunday? [not here; our city's was last Saturday... :-(]

  • Plato's Revenge [in the new books, where it belongs, yay]
  • How to use the internet [upload her new card, get parent's name--and GO!] ; also, how to print 
  • [phone] Is our ESL tutoring program suitable for an English-speaking disabled student? [I ask the ESL coordinator who says no, but she'll talk to the person]
  • Coloring pictures for a nursing home [I check our storytime books, but there are tons online, so she goes hunting there]
  • "Can I get a card?" [sure but not here--back up front--another "Elder" doing Time] ; how to get online? [I import his new card]
  • Can I get online? [I import her card] ; and print [I take her money]
  • Pay to print
  • "Did anyone find a USB cable?" [not back here, no]
  • Fax
  • [phone] Excel tutors? [no, but we are starting class signups again shortly...he'll stop in later and do sort that out tomorrow or next week]
  • Headphones [I give him the spare pair we have here]
  • Ethernet cable returned

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