Thursday, April 05, 2012

2 - 3 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: placing holds on newly-ordered demands, and checking on other demands (not yet ordered) in my collection development sections.

  • Free record in use [new book that has never fails to amuse me when religion books go missing (i.e., get stolen)]
  • Pay to print
  • New card--how to use internet
  • "Where are the newspapers?" [the current ones down in the reading room--I point to the sign] ; "They're downstairs?" [what? no the older ones are UPstairs....?] [ok, when I said "down" in the reading room, it confused him]
  • "I don't see you at this desk very often" [I'm not out here that often, but I've worked here for over 15]
  • "How do I use the internet?" [he has a card from a nearby offline library, so I register him--he's a poet, learning to navigate his New Website, god-help-us]
  • Three movies [can't remember which ones, all of this is happening at once; one is out, one we don't own but it's in the system, and one is on order for her]
  • Newspaper guy is back, looking for a the want ads...[I don't need to know why] ; apparently he has found on, as he is now making calls 20 feet from my desk (SIGH!)
  • How to open a CD-ROM

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