Saturday, April 28, 2012

1 - 2 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: finishing up checking our outlying patron holds list. Started over a week ago. Oh, and once I gave up/finished that, I moved on to catching up on Autocat posts.

  • The room is hopping!
  • Bathroom key [for the werewolf]
  • SLOW down! [I get a shocked look, and he slows down]
  • Returned key
  • "Can the stuffed animals be checked out?" [the puppets? yes they can]
  • Aquamarine [we no longer own, but I put it on hold for her for another library's copy]
  • Mom asks boy, "Do you know that [other] boy?" "No." "Why were you standing so close to him?" [I know, without looking up what the answer will be...] "I was watching the computer." [yup] As they walk to the door, I hear mom say, "It's just a little weird for you to stand so close to him...."
  • Bathroom key -- and returned
  • Lost bracelet given to me, and "where are the Junie B. Jones books?" [in the Ps...which sounds odd]
  • Lost mom looking for kid, and finds her ; and later, "The books downstairs are for sale?" [yes] "OK, she [the kid] wanted to check this out but my card's expired and I don't have time to renew it; besides we never come here. We live all the way out in [the same town I live in]." [I tell her I do too.] "Well, I'm a busy girl..." [as she walks away]
  • "....can I do self-checkout?" as a family walks to the front [lol]
  • I hear from behind me "I need to go potty!" [Dad starts toward the bathrooms with him and I suggest a key might help... ]
  • Key returned

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