Friday, April 20, 2012

2 - 3 ; 4 - 5 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: reading Autocat, and checking rural holds (long story there).

2:00 in the children's room
  • Trying like heck to rescue C, who was called up to the boss's office and begged me to come get her in 15 minutes.....
  • Email to BWI because we can't get our order records to download correctly--I'm going to call next week to talk it out, because my brain isn't working today
  • Books for 3rd-4th grade reading level that have short (2-3 paragraph) stories...for ESL students...that aren't 'childish' [uhm, yeah, not so much--how about a slice of Jupiter while I check, cuz that's about as easy to find, yo]
  • Really obnoxious little girl in here right now, jumping off things, running, grabbing puzzles, fighting with her (sister?) about sharing a chair....Mom is patient but firm, but this kid needs a T.O.
  • [phone] "May I speak with [coworker]?" [it's her son, and he sounds about 10 years older than when I saw him last!]

  • [phone] Family history from an out-of-towner [and a very pleasant one he is]
  • [phone] Reserve three DVDs
  • [phone] Define "couth"
  • More time on the net
  • Pay to print
  • Explanation of how come the dollar is "worthless" in England right now [sigh...thank GOD for Wikipedia!!]
  • [phone] "Did you get my fax re proctoring a test next week?" [yup, all set]
  • Books on soccer [yup]
  • "I can't get into my email" [Yahoo!, but you don't just type your email into the address bar....I get her to the email login page and we're golden...maybe]
  • ILL a book for someone (start to finish) [yay me!]

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