Monday, April 30, 2012

1 - 2 ; 4 - 5 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: end-of-month stats, and cleanup stuff.

  • The out-of-sync child [we own it, but she can only check out books from the library at the local college, which also owns it, so she's off to find it there]
  • Scratch paper
  • "Can I borrow a flash drive?" [no, those are for sale...I eventually just give him one that was left by someone else..after checked to see there's nothing personal on it]
  • Look up card number
  • Phone # and home address of former reporter for local paper [looking this up for someone sort of creeps me out, but she's listed in the White Pages...]
  • Can we post a sign for a public training class? [yes]
  • Holds for two as-yet-unpublished books
  • Look up card number for two ppl, and get a bandaid for one of them -- and they both have overdues and fines to pay...grrr
  • Pay to print
  • Pay to print

4:00 in the children's room
  • Lots of parochial school kids here this aft...very quiet ;-)
  • Highlighter? [yep] -- and returned
  • Pay to print
  • "Do you have any notebook paper?" [nope: gotta bring your own, dude--he NEVER has supplies...EVER]
  • [phone] Ink cartridges that I can recycle? [ours must've just gotten picked up, so no...sorry! :-(]
  • Notebook Paper is sitting next to another kid who's playing a game that involves hitting one key over and over fast...and giggling. They are 4 yards from me, and annoying
  • Hand sanitizer
  • "Can I call my mom?" [the kid banging on the keyboard--these guys are here EVERY day: they KNOW the rules]
  • Pay to print
  • Books on Maine [well, yeah, we have 'em]
  • Help with printing [not the same person as the person who paid before]
  • Books on Kansas [yes...and I'm sensing a theme]
  • These kids...we have GOT to find something for them to do while they're here, stranded, after comes #3
  • ...oh, thank God, they're leaving
  • Bathroom key
  • Key returned
  • Bathroom key

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