Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday [grey and grody outside]

What I'm doing between questions:

  • Admin Asst. comes out to close a file--which won't close, and then the computer borks so I have to reboot from scratch. Great start
  • Explanation of printing
  • Jobs folder
  • Pay to print
  • Classified ads 
  • Guest pass
  • [phone] Werewolf needs a "fat" German-English dictionary [now on the hold shelf for her]
  • Guest guy can't get resume open...because he used Word Perfect...sigh
  • ....and with that all hell broke loose and I have no idea what-all went on...

  • ...deep calming breaths...I hate when panic in my non-work life bleeds over into work
  • Very cranky dad with very sassy daughter, who needs to clean her room before she can watch the DVDs she's picked out according to cranky dad
  • New director is excited that ALL the lights are lit--first time since he arrived that all the bulbs have been replaced....
  • Help, and a calming voice, about doing a report on the Department of Justice [mom's freaking out, but she leaves happy when I tell her the DOJ has a pretty good overview on their website, and there's stuff in the online databases]
  • Ivy + Bean books [yup got 'em]
  • Books about Thomas Edison

  • Right off the bat we have a non-English speaker with a new computer running Windows 8 needing to get online but her wi-fi is off [no one here has used  Win8 yet, but I figure it out eventually with help from Vi's translating skills]
  • Birdhouses, building of [plenty of those around]
  • Help sending an attachment [how kids save their docs to work on at home]
  • It smells very strongly of soy sauce here today--wth?
  • Refresh time online
  • Books on concussions for a research paper
  • Help Librarian B with...something or other
  • Help with printing (and consolidating into fewer pages)
  • Pay to print

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