Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thursday Wednesday

What I'm doing between questions: steaming. Librarian J called in with a headache on a day when there are already three librarians on vacation. Her 8-hour shift starts at noon, but she called at 9  to tell us she would have the headache all day. Right. Bitch.

  • Pay to print
  • "Does everything delete when I log out?" [yes, your ICE stuff will go away...not the usual ICE demog either]
  • "What's my PIN?" [you make it up]
  • Help printing the St. Joseph prayer [and much chattering from him in between]
  • Pay to print
  • Stapler and job folder
  • Register new patron in SAM born in 1935 and sharp as a tack with computers
  • Pen, or pencil [golf pencils are fine, yay]
  • "Washroom?" 
  • Opening an Apple document on our (Microsoft) computers [I have no idea--nothing I try helps, and he's willing to wait till he gets to work so it's all good]
  • Extend time for new SAM user
  • Pay to print, and do we fax, and where can I make a copy
  • Refresh time

  • Fax
  • Refresh time
  • Can I look up his card number? [No because he's not our patron, but I give him a daypass]
  • Fax woman comes back looking for 50 Shades of Grey; "everyone says I should read it" [and voilĂ  we have one on the shelf!! wow]
  • Reference station #26 not printing [I go reboot it and leave a note for staff]
  • Where's the fiction section?
  • Request slips
  • Day pass for SAM
  • Help with printing
  • [phone] IRS publication 525 [no we don't have it, but it's online...]
  • Director walks past the study rooms and then comes to tell me that there's a guy in there using a typewriter, which he obviously brought in himself [wow!]
  • Pencil and paper
  • Online test proctoring [help!! I don't know the password]
  • Fax
  • Add money to SAM account
  • ....where the heck is the Director NOW--he's supposed to be here so I can eat? [he forgot]

  • ...and back. Proctoring is over thank God and I'm hoping the IRS dude has been and gone....
  • James Blish Star Trek books [ours have all gone away, and I can't ILL them because his card is outside our system]
  • And no, I can't make you a card, you'll need to go up to circ [where they, I hope, will break the news that if you have a library card in another town you can't get one here, and by telling us you're homeless, you won't get a card here either, not for checking out books, sorry]
  • Add money and time to SAM account
  • [meanwhile, I'm emailing with colleagues about "Hogwarts" being changed by LC from an "imaginary place" to an "imaginary organization"]
  • Ah, the dude needing a library card and James Blish books is the typist--he's leaving with his giant box
  • [phone] Renew materials [why was this sent to me??]
  • Day pass for internet
  • Problem with card...blah blah...needs to pay down fine...I send him to circ
  • [phone] Patron was notified that an ebook he put on hold is available, but when he checked his account, the wrong book is showing up and the one he wants is still unavailable...I have no idea, which is bad considering that this guy is one of the Town Pests
  • Today's papers
  • ...and she's back because she needs the classifieds
  • ...and also Sunday's classifieds
  • There is NO Kleenex here, or in the workroom :(
  • Refresh time
  • Movie from another consortium library, which I can't get cuz he has the wrong kind of card, so I explain the whole deal to him; "we're working on it" he says... whatever that means
  • Refresh time x2
  • Today's local paper

  • All the papers are back
  • Guest pass
  • Today's classifieds (of course, I actually put them away for a change)
  • Guest pass not working [I reboot the computer]
  • IRS dude arrives {bummer} asking what looks to me like a self-evident question, but it's not obvious to him, so we get him set up to use the internet to read Pub. 575
  • ....aaaaand spppaaazzzzz occurs -- that is, it got terribly busy


  1. I really need a job where I can call in with a headache that I'm planning to have. I don't even do that with the headaches that I do have, 90% of the time! Nice gig if you can get it.

    All Apple stuff created in the modern era (like, ~2000 and later) should open just fine, presuming it's created with something like Word or Excel, or a compatible program like that. I mean, a word processor or a spreadsheet. They're designed to be seamless.

    re: Hogwarts--LOL! Too bad I can't share that with anyone in my group, because it would break their brains.

  2. Believe me, you were TOTALLY on my mind this day. She has no clue how pissed off everyone is with her every single day.

    I couldn't figure out the Apple thing; I know it should work, but it absolutely would not open. Maybe it wasn't the right kind of file.

    LCSH makes me laugh very often. This one was very special though.


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