Saturday, March 16, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: downloading orders, checking next month's Bookletters, and generally keeping out of the way of the BIG NOISY PROGRAM going on from 10 to 3 today.

9:00 in the children's room
  • Help with printing [ah, yes, yesterday was St. Baldrick's Day...]
  • Easter books + CD sets [yes, but...this rack is all Spanish...yeah, the English ones are on that rack]
  • Circulation's money drawer key is MIA [see above re BIG NOISY PROGRAM that involved clearing the whole circ desk off last night so the caterers could set up food stations on it. Yes, this program is Mayhem Incarnate]
  • Highlighter
  • Volunteers are trickling in ... and chatting
  • Cleaning guy is cleaning the cleaned bathrooms [sigh] and chatting
  • Yeah, keeping this up-to-date today is going to be impossible. I'm thinking "Monet" rather than "Warhol"
  • More people start arriving for the program...noise level is increasing
  • CD woman stops to say she can't read or write but she likes stories that's why she's taking 9 sets home...and she loves our library [she is LD, by the way, but quite nice]
  • has begun...

10:00 in the children's room
  • [phone] Cataloger from another library in our consortium calling because her director wants her to transcribe ALL the contents from the Harvard Classics series. Here's the contents for the "Chaucer to Gray" volume. Yeah, this director is clinical
  • "Sleuth or Dare" series for kids [we don't own--I do order requests for them, thankfully only three books so far]
  • "DAD! This [section of the program] is COOL! [gotta love that]
  • Bathroom keys are in and out and there's a LOT of chitchat with custodial dude...

  • The Prizewinning Skill spot is near the Reference Desk, so I get to hear a lot of "No, I won, really" "No you did NOT; you have to do it [according to the rules]" etc.]
  • Look up PIN number for internet
  • Just exactly how ignorant do you have to be to walk BEHIND a staff desk (a four-sided area) without realizing it?
  • Pay to print x2
  • Day of the week for 11/28/12
  • Flurry of fubar'd internet passwords
  • If former-Librarian L comes for the program, Librarian J has something to give her and I'm supposed to tell her (L) if I see her
  • Recorder + piano music (scores) [uhm, we have each individually, but not together, but he's pretty happy with what I did find]
  • Fax x 2
  • Werewolf in need of "tunic" [i.e., Teutonic] knights information...that she hasn't already printed off and read...omg 
  • Then a discussion of appropriate scoring for the program going on ensues between werewolf and her son
  • Scratch paper
  • [phone] Who wrote The Hippopotamus? [7 letters--yes for a crossword--I think it's T.S. Eliot's poem, not a book]

  • [I have now finished page one (of three) of the April Bookletters list, which I began looking at over an hour ago]
  • Dude sits down at a computer and starts muttering about noise. I tell him it's going to be loud today because of the program and he says sarcastically, "That's a smart idea" while shaking his head. Dude, you can always come back tomorrow when it will be slightly quieter....
  • Graphic novels [what age?] for teens [back to the mass of (noisy) people by the front door]
  • "This is the noisiest this library will ever be" [yeah, while we're open anyway, lol]
  • "The one day you won't shush us" [only if the adults start screaming, lol]
  • Yes [that happened so long ago that I forgot what "Yes" was for]
  • [phone] Tax forms
  • Crabby dude finished up and left while I was running around
  • Tax forms (same woman as was on the phone)
  • [phone] Where to pay city water bill? [CityHall, and there's a slot in the side door for when they are closed]
  • Can I turn on the fireplace in the reading room [absolutely!]
  • Prizewinner shows off the car he won -- woot [I think it's the kid who made me a crown several weeks ago]
  • Is Librarian J here? [yeah, but she's eating the woman takes it upon herself to check her office...ok, then]
  • Pay to print
  • Notary [not a single one of the five on staff are here today]
  • Current Reader's Digest
  • Black pen

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