Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thursday (oooh, sunshine outside!!!)

What I'm doing between questions:

1:00 in the children's room
  • My eyes are incredibly screwed up this week ('tis the season) and I just put in drops before coming in here; now my eyes are so blurry I actually can't see anything close up at all!
  • Books placed on hold haven't come [yes, they're in transit] ; but they're for a 10-year-old and they're picture books [I find her some other historical fiction options that are more appropriate]
  • Bathroom key
  • Returned... "Did you get a haircut?" [well, every 5-6 weeks, but yeah, I whacked off all my long hair almost a year ago] "It's cute."
  • The above reminds me of an exchange with a coworker earlier this week: "I love your gray hair!!" [thanks, I work hard on it, lol]

4:00 in the children's room
  • On my way out here, the director catches me to say that there are kids in here "canoodling" [there does seem to be a larger-than-normal contingent of upper middle-schoolers/young high-schoolers that I'll have to keep an eye on]
  • And a family comes in the room: mom & dad sit down at computers and the mom directs the kids to "go in there" (the play area) [yes, this is Ikea's playroom, right, ugh]
  • I go warn the teens to keep it PG- or better yet G-rated
  • "Did anyone turn in a coat?" [uhm, no] ; "ok, maybe my sister has it..."
  • Pencil (mother of the year)
  • Pencil & paper
  • Dr. Seuss books [not many here, since it's been Dr. Seuss Week at school (etc.) all week]
  • How to print [M.o.t.Y.]
  • "I need to go to ta baffoom!" "Give me 5 minutes...." [guess who said the latter]
  • Spongebob books [in the kids' graphic novels]
  • What order do the Penderwick books go in? [I sort it out for her]
  •, over 10 minutes later, and "baffoom" boy is still here...clearly they don't know we have a baffroom he can use in here [and he insists on YELLING into the play area to tell his sibling]
  • They finally leave. And the teens have gone too.

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