Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, post-vacation

What I'm doing between questions: checking our ordered items to see if I missed any that are actually on the shelves.

  • Lots of DVD TV shows for chatty patron who totally reminds me of my mother-in-law in all the good ways
  • Head of Circ here to collect money for deposit
  • Pay to print
  • "Is this (Mortal something or other) the first in the series?" [honey, it's the ONLY in the series...]
  • Pay to print
  • How to work the printer, and then send a fax
  • Pay to print
  • The Social Worker is definitely in today...more life-stories in the past 40 minutes than I've heard in a awhile
  • Can't download Amazon MP3 Downloader software onto our computers, so yeah...bring a flash drive next time and maybe it'll work...
  • Fax
  • Help logging in [she just forgot to hit 'enter'], and then help getting into email too

  • Reading a local listserv about cell-phone policies while watching one of the regular (nice) patrons run back and forth from computer to study room as he sorts something out online with a ?credit card? or something
  • Propagation of Venus fly-traps, not using Wikipedia [I hate profs]
  • Books on hearing, deafness, etc. [we have...two...grrr]
  • [phone] When is the next Intro to the Internet class? [no clue--the schedule is only updated through the end of March]
  • [The] Invisible Man [the one by Wells, not Ellison, and yes we have it for the young man]
  • Color in interior decorating

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