Wednesday, March 13, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: the printer went crazy last night and printed a lot of gobbledegook pages, so I'm sorting the gooky pages apart from the clean ones to reuse


  • When I first get out here, Librarian B is giving out permanent guest-passes to a couple [cuz, yeah, I suck: I was late]
  • Drums, specifically tuning
  • [phone] Baron von [Werewolf's last name] in Luxembourg...blah blah [I dig up something that she wants me to print so that's good]
  • [phone] Test proctoring
  • Renew time for the guest-pass couple

  • "Habemus Papam!"  Not that we know who, or what name he's chosen
  • Dora the Explorer Spanish for kids CDs [yes, they're here]
  • ABC and 123 books [well, grandma is at least trying to educate the baby, even if she does pronounce  it "liberry"]
  • Historical fiction for a ten-year-old
  • Bathroom key
  • Board-book grandma stops to chat about the books she's got
  • Both bathroom keys are back (one went out while I was looking for historical fiction)
  • Paper clip?
  • Mr. Popper's Penguins [yup on the shelf]
  • The new Pope is 76. Uhm. Is the Vatican eventually going to run out of Oldies?
  • [phone] Can't log into patron record... [I change password and she tries again, successfully, and now is changing her password back to whatever she had]
  • No price on overdue book [it went out on the fly and we don't enter prices in that case so...]

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