Tuesday, March 12, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: leftover item requests from yesterday and this morning, and then checking a list I created this morning of materials added to the catalog by [library that doesn't have a cataloger on staff and it shows]. This is in response to the email I got this morning from them indicating they didn't realize their bib records aren't up to snuff: "Can you send us a copy of the criteria regarding 'quality of record'." Uhm, dumbass, that's why we have meetings, and training sessions and lists of rules...oh, but wait, you haven't been to a meeting in 6 months. Out of the first 75 records on that list, 37 are screwed up. The other half have been fixed by other libraries when we've added our copies, or they just got lucky with OCLC records.

  • Help with copier
  • IT guy is replacing all the computers under the giant light fixture that just got a new bulb
  • Dude emailed a request for the audio & book version of a specific Bible [uhm, no, there is no such thing in that version, sorry--email to him to explain it all since a call would just get way too complex]
  • Pay to print
  • It's blizzarding outside: third Tuesday straight, though this one wasn't "promo'd"
  • More help with copier (same person)
  • Royal land patents and Commonwealth land grants...Commonwealth of Virginia [ok, who's the crackhead who took this request? Like Virginia's gonna ILL this too us?]
  • Read-alikes for The Time-Traveler's Wife and/or The Help [ugh thank God for Novelist that boots up my brain and I suggest A Discovery of Witches and Jennifer Chiaverini's books...and show the husband how to get into Novelist himself so he can show his wife]
  • Guest pass
  • [phone] Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet [yup, here, now on hold shelf for patron]
  • Pay to print
  • Today's classifieds
  • Look up library card number...which is expired, and her new number isn't in SAM, so....ok done

4:00 in with teh kidz
  • It's a madhouse in here when I arrive
  • Mom From Hell from last Friday is here, along with S holding at least 4 empty puppet bags and dealing with several young middle-schoolers
  • "Dork Diaries" series [yup]
  • Dora the Explorer books [yup]
  • Dick & Jane books [yup--and please don't suck on the giant lizard puppet's tail...]
  • Lots of random stuff strewn everywhere on the floor
  • Pretty much everyone clears out by 4:15 [I'm that scary just sitting here]
  • Girl-bookmarks, i.e., not the free Jack the Giant Slayer movie ones [that's what we've got, sorry]
  • I freak out a mom-friend by saying I just saw her son--thinking she was here looking for him [she's expecting me to say something like, "...and he was misbehaving..." but he wasn't]
  • Graphic novels
  • Tail-sucker says "Whoops!" when I remind him about the tail sucking [lol--he's adorable]
  • Beginning readers in Spanish
  • [phone] Va calling to say she'll be late
  • Books for babies? [I explain that he can check out whatever he wants...]
  • MUCH quieter when I leave at the end of my shift

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