Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday (ranty)

What I'm doing between questions: intermittently running around the workroom, and sitting in here being bored

  • Bathroom key  ... and returned
  • The entire staff is wack today, apparently
  • I think we have a home-school family here--lots of 'old' (i.e. school-aged) kids, including one REALLY LOUD one in the play area "doo doo-DOO-doo-dooDOOdoo-doo ..."]
  • Really, I used to like they are just annoying...*

*OK, no, it's really home-schooled families that get my goat. First of all, these kids today range from 7ish to 17ish. Secondly, they're (well, the boys anyway) cocky little shits who refuse help from me when I know they need it (books on Cuba and Russia and several other countries--we don't have any?? Riiiight....). They all walk like they have sticks up their butts, or slouchy-cool. One is all in camo. The mom is pretty much completely ignoring them--she shushed the kid in the play area (alone, may I add, in the play area) from 40 feet away! Thanks for lowering the general decibal level. When the kids come over to her, she keeps talking to the other person sitting by her at the computer. I would bet cash-money that no one will put anything away in the play area.

The same (youngest) kid is wearing a puppet everywhere he goes like a glove; God alone knows where the bag for it is. Oh, and he just wandered into the storytime room to see the I have to go roust him and tell him to look from the OUTSIDE. No comment, no awareness whatsoever, from Mom. Now Custodial Guy insists on cleaning up in the play area since the kid isn't in there anymore. No comment, no awareness from Mom. Oh! There are actually TWO families here: second mom and her daughter leave: daughter is pigeon-toed, wearing snow boots, and drag-thunking her feet with every step she takes.

Oh, and NOW, NOW, it's my fault that I'm "yelling at" her kid for asking where the bags are for the 4 puppets Custodial Guy just brought to me. She snatches them up and puts them back on the spinner, THEN she goes in to the play area and starts bossing Custodial Guy around--"stop picking up!"--and telling him that her son "was going to" clean up. Riiiight. After they leave the room, CG walks up to me and asks why she's yelling at him. And the coup de grace: CG finds three activity kits scattered all over the room, not counting (of course) the one the family actually checked out.
    Mind you: I started typing the rant a good 20 minutes before I "knew" they were going to be a problem. Custodial Guy asked me how I actually could tell; what I did NOT say is "cuz they're home-schooled" but that's clearly part of the problem. These kids simply do not know how to behave in public.   I need a drink.

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