Tuesday, February 28, 2012

12 - 1 ; 6 - 9 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: ha ha ha

  • CRAZY busy again this morning, and lots of homeless in the building again; and three of the six reference staff scheduled today are out of the building, sick
  • New card, can't get online [fixed] ; pay to print
  • Get online [card's expired, so I send her to circ to renew]
  • "I had a pen like that..." points to pen on desk [probably is hers, definitely not one we bought]
  • The newest Joni Eareckson Tada book [here, on the shelf where it belongs rather astonishingly]
  • Fax
  • Pay to print (above, with her new card)
  • Several requests to purchase in my collection development sections (200s & 800s)...but one is actually a novel (813.6), so I shoot it back to the Fiction buyer and approve the rest after I check them for appropriateness
  • Highlighter, many staples [I have to replenish the stapler just as she's finishing up]
  • [phone] The Loud family on DVD [I'll try to find what I can]
  • [phone] "Is my Broker test there? Can I change my time to come take it tomorrow?" [yes, and yes]
  • Headphone [we're out, so I suggest he change computers]
  • WSJ for the past week [I bargain him down to taking a couple at a time instead]
  • And the cops have been here in the last hour... It's been a wicked strange day.
  • Catching up on requests (4) that have been done this afternoon that no one had time for
  • Proctoring a test
  • The homeless have all left for the shelter, thank God
  • Very cranky man wants absolute silence in the building...dream on, baby!
  • [phone] Very pushy woman calls to schedule a real estate test for proctoring...and then tells me she can't talk right now. WTF!
  • Cranky about noise guy is on eBay--get over yourself...
  • Books about running a half-marathon
  • [phone] Test proctoring woman calls back; she's at the hospital, so that's why she had to hang up; we get her scheduled
  • Books on Boy Scouts
  • Silence Man gets off his butt and comes over to complain: "She's talking nonstop to the kid and he's got headphones on!" [she is MURMURING, not-quite-nonstop, but often]; Director goes and asks them to be quiet, again, then heads off to do something with a board member;; angry man stomps out of the building less than 30 seconds after she walks away, glaring at me. This, my friends, is the truest exhibition of an asshattedness I've ever seen.
  • Pay to print
  • Catapults [the main book we have isn't where it belongs on the shelf, but I find another book with a little bit in it]
  • The City Hall's Zip+4 code [got it, eventually]
  • How to print just Page 2 [I show him: "it's that easy!?" lol]
  • Print from Adobe ; and then pay to print more stuff
  • I do a 'census walk' to see who's hanging around at this point...not a bad crowd
  • Renew patron's time
  • Say hi to friend from church
  • Crazy patron needing format problems on her bibliography
  • High Demand holds questions from the boss

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