Saturday, February 18, 2012

9:00 - 10:00 a.m. ; 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: cleanup projects

  • Musta been a rough closing last night--books to reshelve are stacked all over the ref desk in here, and the staff computers weren't logged off
  • [phone--message left] Actually, for circ, about an overdue letter he received...I pass along to the circ staff
  • Goddess Girls [we have a couple on the shelf]
  • Bathroom key
  • Grandma comes in chatting on the phone with two kids in tow...straight to the rotunda...where her voice echoes throughout the whole (giant) room...totally not interacting with the kids at all; hangs up, goes directly to an internet computer, still ignoring the kids
  • Time to go--bathroom key hasn't yet been returned...20 minutes later....
  • How to download pics on a flash drive [well, aside from clicking too fast and confusing the computer, and himself, we sorted it out]
  • "Do I check these out here?" [nope, at circ]
  • Stapler
  • Tractor engine repair
  • [phone] In the catalog, the Reading Lists aren't working [sure enough--email to database IT guy]
  • "There's this book I read maybe 15 years ago, you had it in large print, about Norwegian skiers sabotaging a Nazi heavy water factory..." [I find it with this search in the catalog: world war norw* bomb* --Assault in Norway. Wow, do I love keyword search!]
  • "My screen froze" [no idea why--when I go look it's fine]
  • "But I need to use Explorer!" [I show him 'compatibility view' and he is relieved]
  • Headphones [none attached to his computer, and as he walks away with the backup pair I have, he sheepishly says, "I dunno why I didn't just move to a different computer." lol]
  • Pencil + "It's beautiful outside!" [ugh, yeah, I know--and he smiles and apologizes for telling me]
  • I talk to the page who closed the children's room last night, and she says yes it was actually mayhem at the end
  • "Is [Librarian T.] here?" [yep, I go find her and send her after the patron]
  • ....just found a mess in the catalog: subject headings starting with this: "0Alcohol" and "7Mystery" and "1United States" [T. and I will work on them...hate stuff like this]
  • Neil Simon's Rumors [got it] and where are the DVDs? [I show her]
  • Pencil returned
  • There's a woman here who comes in regularly and plays a state map game similar to this one EVERY day, for about 10 minutes, at least. You'd think she'd know where they go by now, right?
  • "Do you have something like this in English?" [no...just lots of books...]
  • Bible in Spanish? [yup]
  • Paper & pencil
  • Pay to print
  • "Where are movies? [I tell him] "Kids' movies too?? [uh no, those are in the kids' room, so I explain that]
  • There's a couple at the catalog computers and he's not finding what he wants, so his wife keeps saying, "Why don't you ask the woman? She's right behind you." [turns out he's placing the holds himself, so yeah...good on ye, mate]
  • [phone] Author of The Great Santini? [Conroy] ; and which was Anne Brontë's first published novel? [Wikipedia says Agnes Grey]
  • Tax forms


  1. Just for fun, I tried that [world war norw* bomb*] search in the pra!r!ed0g catalog. Ha! "CHANGE YOUR SEARCH TERMS." There are ~40 copies in the system, half of which are in large print.

    My parents both play games like that every day so that they won't get Alzheimer's. *shrug*

  2. Wait, doesn't 'Dog do KW searches? So confused. In our 'backdoor' (staff side) I'd have to do "world war & norw* & bomb*" to get the same result. It confuses the staff. lol

    I don't think she's working on preventing Alzheimer's. I think she's just...odd.


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